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Back to school is quickly approaching and, after all those summer months of swimming, running wild outside, zoning out in front of the TV, staying up late, and eating snacks throughout the day, kids are in for a big adjustment as they head back to school.

Here are a few tips to help you make sure that your kids ease into the normal routine before hitting the books again:

1. Start getting them to bed at the regular hour to make sure that they get plenty of sleep, feel rested, and have time to grab a hardy breakfast before heading to school.
2. Prepare nutritious low-sugar meals to feed their brains and protect their teeth.
3. Encourage them to brush twice a day and floss once a day to keep cavities at bay.
4. Plan for healthy school lunches that don’t contain fruit juices and “fruit snacks” that are sticky, high on sugar and promote tooth decay.
5. Swap acidic and sugary sports drinks which are damaging to teeth for the best thirst-quenching liquid in the world – water!

And, while you might be busy getting those new school clothes and supplies, taking a trip to your child’s pediatrician AND THE DENTIST might be something you will want to cross off your to-do list.

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions among school-age children and results in a staggering number of missed school days. Tooth-related illnesses account for the loss of 52 million school hours each year. If tooth decay becomes severe, it can affect the child’s speaking, eating, sleeping, and ability to pay attention in class. Don’t let your child become a statistic. Call us today to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup and make sure your child’s dental health makes the grade.