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Notepads. Check.

Binders. Check.

Pens and Pencils. Check

Dental Appointment. Check!!

As the school year school starts back up, so do old habits. Candy, gum, and sugary snacks will most likely be offered to your child during school hours. Unless they have great will power, chances are they’ll have a piece of candy, or two! And let’s not forget that Halloween is just around the corner!  You can’t monitor everything your child eats at school, but you can reinforce healthy oral habits. In the U.S. alone over 20% of children have some sort of untreated dental concern.

Good dental care starts early, and it begins with routine trips to your dentist! Establishing preventative care at a young age will provide your child with a brighter smile into their future. It will also reinforce the overall importance of seeing the dentist and making them a part of your healthy lifestyle.

A back to school dental visit will entail a thorough discussion on all measures you can take with your child to prevent tooth decay as well as a cleaning and examination. There’s no better time than now to start practicing good oral hygiene. Don’t forget to make us your next stop!

On behalf of the team at Dentistry for Kids and Adults, we wish all students and parents a wonderful and healthy new school year!

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