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So often you read articles pointing out snacks that are not good for your teeth. Candy. Soda. Dried fruits. But, what if you want something that’s good for you and good for your teeth? Or, what if your child is asking for a snack? How can you help him/her make good choices that are not only healthy for their body but healthy for their teeth? Stock your home with these great choices, and you’ll be helping everyone keep their teeth and gums happy and healthy.

Fresh Fruit
Sure, fruits are often packed with sugar and acid, but not all fruits are created equal. Low-sugar and low-acidity fruits, such as berries, apples, and peaches will nourish you with the vital vitamins and antioxidant with minimal adverse effects on your teeth. Plus, the natural juices of the fruit will help produce saliva and clean the teeth from the offending sugar. Leave fresh fruit out where it is visible, and you’ll be more likely to reach for it!

Fresh Vegetables
High in fiber and full of crunch, hard fresh vegetables act like a natural toothbrush as they scrub the plaque from your teeth. Prep your vegetables each week by cutting them into bite-size pieces that you can quickly grab from the refrigerator and dip them in hummus or sugar-free peanut butter for a healthy snack.

Cheese and Low-Sugar Yogurt
Since calcium is essential to the overall health of your teeth and gums, these snacks are great for protecting the enamel on your teeth. Cheese cubes and small containers of low-sugar or sugar-free yogurt make for great on-the-go snacks.

Pumpkin Seeds and Brazil Nuts
If you’re craving a snack with a little crunch, reach for these two. They are rich in phosphorus, another mineral essential for good oral health.

As always, it’s not a matter of eliminating all sugary treats from your diet. It’s about making good choices the majority of the time. Enjoy sweet treats in moderation and reach for these snacks as much as possible to keep your smile bright!