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What Mouth Rinse is Right For Me?

You head to your local pharmacy, and as you’re picking up a tube of toothpaste and some dental floss, you notice the mouth rinses. You might say to yourself,  “Hmm…maybe I should grab a bottle.” But, which one? There seems to be a vast number of choices, and you’re not exactly sure what to buy. Let us help!


  •   If you are looking for a mouth rinse that can help strengthen teeth along with providing some additional protection against tooth decay, look for a fluoride mouth rinse. There are several options available in your local grocery store but be sure to ask your dentist for hir or her go-to favorites.


  •   If you are searching for a mouth rinse that can help with bad breath, grab a mouth-rinse designed to combat sulfur-producing bacteria. You can find many options in your favorite grocery store or ask your dentist for recommendations. 


  •   If you need a mouth rinse which can help control bacteria and is helpful for dealing with infections in your mouth, choose an antiseptic mouth rinse that does not contain alcohol. Your dentist might be able to recommend his or her trusted brands. 


Based on this information, you may be able to pick out the right mouth rinse for you. But, don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist about what you are looking for in a mouth rinse. He/she may be able to quickly and easily recommend one that is right for you or prescribe you one when appropriate.