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Digital X-Rays have 3 Major Benefits To Patients. Read on to learn what they are.

In this day and age, everything seems to be digital. Digital television. Digital marketing. Digital signatures. Even the x-rays that your dental professional takes may be digital. Do you know why? Because digital x-rays have three great benefits!


  1. Digital X-Rays Use Less Radiation. 

While traditional x-rays are considered safe, digital x-rays use significantly less radiation making them an ideal choice if you need x-rays more often to monitor your oral health or you just have concerns about radiation exposure.


  1. Digital X-Rays Are More Comfortable for You. 

If you remember having traditional x-rays, you probably can’t forget having to bite down on those uncomfortable pieces of film which always seemed to cut the inside of your mouth. Not fun. That process is no more with digital x-rays. It’s as simple as placing a small sensor on a wire in your mouth and capturing the image needed.


  1. Digital X-Rays Can Be Easily Transferred.

Are you moving? Is there another dental professional who needs to see your x-rays in order to provide additional dental care? With digital x-rays, your dental office can quickly and easily share your x-rays without you having to pick up traditional x-ray films. It can all be done with an email.


The next time you need dental x-rays ask your dental professional if he/she has “gone digital.” You may be pleasantly surprised when he/she says, “Why yes, we have!” Our x-rays are done using the most up-to-date technology available to our patients. These benefits (and so many more) are available to you at our practice – so call us to schedule your appointment.