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Snoring is a common complaint when it comes to not getting a good night’s sleep. Your partner may complain that your snoring is keeping them awake.

They might even give you an elbow in the middle of the night in hopes that snoring will stop long enough for them to fall back asleep.  

While you may think that snoring is not a big deal and nothing could be done about it, it could be a sign of a common sleep-related disorder called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder which occurs when breathing is repeatedly interrupted during the night. When this happens, the oxygen flow to the brain and other organs either slows down or completely stops. Oxygen deprivation causes constant fatigue, irritability, poor memory, and lack of focus. Over time, sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, teeth grinding, and other dental problems.

Who Can Help Me?

If you want to get some help with your snoring or wonder if you might have sleep apnea, talk to your doctor or your dentist. Yes, that’s right – your dentist. Your dentist knows your medical and dental health history and also knows what signs and symptoms to look for when it comes to snoring and sleep apnea.

What Will My Dentist Look For?

The signs of sleep apnea may include teeth grinding, inflamed or receding gums, acidic enamel wear, and/or an increase in cavities. Your dentist may also look a narrow airway, redness in your throat, or scalloped edges on the side of the tongue. After reviewing your health history and checking your mouth, your dentist may recommend a home sleep test or a consultation with a sleep physician to confirm the diagnosis and determine the right course of treatment.

 If you snore and want a good night’s sleep for yourself and your partner, please schedule an appointment with us. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your sleep and look for any signs that may indicate sleep apnea. Better rest for all could be in your future.